• Your Shower Water is Disgusting

    Take this quiz to see if you need a filtered shower head based on where you live and see if you are eligible to get an A-01 shower head for FREE.

    Your Shower Water is Disgusting

    Disgusting Showerhead
  • Do you filter your shower water?

  • Where do you live?

    We'll show you what’s really in your water

  • Did you know that in New York State:

    95% chlorine

    95% of tap water in New York state is chlorinated.

    Chlorine is a drying agent and dehydrates the skin and hair.

    85% too hard

    85% of tap water in New York state is too hard.

    Hard water contains heavy metals that clog pores and irritate skin and hair.

  • Chlorine and hard water are known to cause:


    Hair Loss

    Dry skin


    Dry hair

    Thinning Hair

  • What problems do you struggle with?

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  • What have you done to try to solve these problems?

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  • Here’s the truth: You're damaging your skin and hair by showering in unfiltered tap water.

    To make the most of your routine, you need to start with pure clean water - free of all harmful chemicals and toxic substances.

    Here’s the truth: You're damaging your skin and hair by showering in unfiltered tap water.

  • Imagine you could snap your fingers and solve your hair and skin issues

    What would you want the most?

    Select all that apply

  • Introducing the A-01

    The A-01 is the only shower head that uses our powerful filtration technology to capture 99% of harmful substances in your water.

    The A-01 filters out:

    chemicals Heavy Metals Chlorine Micro-Plastics

    Introducing the A-01

  • What makes it great

    • Super easy to install - takes 2 minutes
    • Filters out 99% of harmful substances
    • Strong hotel-like water pressure
    • 90-day money back guarantee

    What makes it great

  • Scientifically proven results

    Hydrated, clear, and healthy skin

    Healthier, thicker, more vibrant hair

  • Guaranteed to improve your skin and hair in just 2 weeks

    90-day money-back guarantee

  • How the A-01 works in 30 seconds

    Poster Image
    Poster Image
  • Why are you excited to try the A-01?

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  • Trusted by thousands of customers

  • Hear it from them

  • A heads up

    There are only: 17 A-01s left in this batch.

    Next batch comes in stock: Feb 18th.

  • Want to try The A-01 for FREE?

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  • Thanks. You’ll get to choose your A-01 in a few screens.

    Thanks. You’ll get to choose your A-01 in a few screens.


    You said you live in New York

    Answer a couple of questions to customize the frequency you receive filters.

  • How many showers per week do you take?

  • How many people use your shower?

  • Calculating
    • Analyzing New York water quality
    • Assessing your water usage
    • Finalizing filter frequency recommendation

    We recommend changing your filter every 3 months

    This is based on where you live, how frequently shower, and how many people use your shower.

  • FAQ

    Will the showerhead fit in my shower?

    Yes. The A-01 fits on any showerhead in the USA.

  • FAQ

    Do I need a plumber to install it?

    Nope. The A-01 is super simple to install - just unscrew your old shower head and screw on the A-01.

  • FAQ

    Does the filter reduce the pressure?

    Nope. We guarantee you’ll feel the strongest water pressure you’ve ever had in your shower - even if your house / apartment has low water flow.

  • FAQ

    How does the filter subscription work?

    To ensure you are showering in water free from harmful chemicals we created the A-01 filter subscription which will ship a new A-01 filter straight to your door every 90 days.

  • FAQ

    If I don’t like it, can I return it?

    Yes. We have a 90-day money back guarantee which means if you don’t love your A-01 for any reason you can return it for free (we’ll pay return shipping) - no questions asked.

  • FAQ

    Is there a warranty?

    Yes. All of our products come with a Lifetime Warranty.

    If you encounter any issues with your A-01 (although you won’t), we'll replace it without any questions asked.

  • Choose your color


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    Get the A-01 for $0 Today