• Your Shower Water is Disgusting

    98% of shower water in the USA has dangerously high levels of chlorine, harmful chemicals, and toxic metals. If you don't filter these out - you are showering in these toxins which directly impact your hair and skin health.

    Your Shower Water is Disgusting

  • Do you filter your shower water?

  • Where do you live?

    We'll show you what’s really in your water

  • Did you know that in New York State:

    95% chlorine

    95% of tap water in New York state is chlorinated.

    Chlorine is a drying agent and dehydrates the skin and hair.

    85% too hard

    85% of tap water in New York state is too hard.

    Hard water contains heavy metals that clog pores and irritate skin and hair.

  • Chlorine and hard water are known to cause:


    Hair Loss

    Dry skin


    Dry hair

    Thinning Hair

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  • Here’s the truth: You're damaging your skin and hair by showering in unfiltered tap water.

    To make the most of your routine, you need to start with pure clean water - free of all harmful chemicals and toxic substances.

    Here’s the truth: You're damaging your skin and hair by showering in unfiltered tap water.

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  • Introducing the A-01

    The A-01 is the only shower head that uses our powerful filtration technology to capture 99% of harmful substances in your water.

    The A-01 filters out:

    chemicals Heavy Metals Chlorine Micro-Plastics

    Introducing the A-01

  • What makes it great

    • Super easy to install - takes 2 minutes
    • Filters out 99% of harmful substances
    • Strong hotel-like water pressure
    • 90-day money back guarantee

    What makes it great

  • Scientifically proven results

    Hydrated, clear, and healthy skin

    Healthier, thicker, more vibrant hair

  • Guaranteed to improve your skin and hair in just 2 weeks

    90-day money-back guarantee

    Guaranteed to improve your skin and hair in just 2 weeks

    90-day money-back guarantee

  • How the A-01 works in 30 seconds

    Poster Image
    Poster Image
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  • Trusted by thousands of customers


    Tina S.

    Verified Buyer asd


    Wow. I’m Impressed

    "A life changer for my hair and skin. My acne is gone and my hair is softer and smoother than ever."


    Stevie S.

    Verified Buyer asd


    Great if you rent an apartment

    "If you live in a rental and you are still showering with the showerhead that came with the apartment - you need to upgrade. My old showerhead had pieces of dirt stuck to the back of it that I only found after unscrewing it. My water is so much cleaner now thanks to the A01."


    Casey J.

    Verified Buyer asd


    It’s perfect

    "This one checked off all of the boxes for me: modern, great pressure, made my hair feel amazing. Easy to install and I highly recommend!"


    Dermatologist Jaime

    Verified Buyer asd


    Totally worth it.

    "This was a great purchase. We have hard water (like most of the US) and I was noticing my hair and skin didn't feel soft and felt super dry. So far the A01 looks and feels amazing - the pressure is fantastic and my hair and skin are starting to feel smoother in just 1 week so far."

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    There are only: 17 A-01s left in this batch.

    Next batch comes in stock: Feb 18th.

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  • FAQ


    What type of results should I expect?

    Smoother hair, reduction in dry skin, less build-up in hair & scalp, healthier overall hair and skin. We’re so confident you’ll experience these life upgrades that if you don’t experience all of these benefits you can return your A-01 for a full refund no questions asked.

    Will it fit in my shower

    Absolutely! The A-01 has been specifically designed to seamlessly fit into the standard 1/2-inch thread size found in modern US plumbing fixtures. It is compatible with various types of shower fixtures, including fixed, adjustable, rain, handheld, and dual shower fixture sets, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.

    Why should I shower in filtered water?

    The presence of chemicals such as chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals in water can lead to the depletion of natural oils in the skin and hair, resulting in dryness, itchiness, and irritation.

    How is it different than competitors?

    The A-01 has the most powerful water filter to date since we use more filtration particles than any other brand. We spent years perfecting this product with the perfect water pressure and as a result we back our products with a Lifetime Warranty.

    Does it reduce my water pressure?

    No, the A-01 will not reduce your shower water pressure. It is designed to maintain optimal water flow while still providing the benefits of filtration.

    How do I replace the filters?

    To ensure optimal performance, we suggest replacing the filter every 90 days. You can easily do this by following these steps:

    1. Unscrew the faceplate of the A-01.
    2. Discard the old filter.
    3. Insert the new filter inside.
    Is there a warranty?

    Yes! If you encounter any issues with your A-01, we'll replace it without any questions asked. Please note that the lifetime warranty is valid only for customers with an active A-01 replacement subscription.

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