Through rigorous testing of numerous showers and filters, we have meticulously crafted the A-01. Our research-backed filter is designed to enhance the health of your hair, skin, and overall well-being.

01  Water

The secrets lurking in your tap water

In the majority of the United States, the primary source of tap water is surface water, sourced from lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. This water contains a range of dissolved substances, such as minerals and organic matter, along with potential unwanted additions like bacteria and contaminants.

02  Contaminants

More than dirty pipes

Water is a fundamental necessity for life, but some compounds found within it can be harmful. Heavy metals, pesticides, organic compounds, and chlorine are among the common contaminants present in tap water. Despite the fact that up to 98% of water systems use chlorine as a sterilizer, we continue to consume and use this water, without first filtering out the chlorine.

03  The A–01

  • The first of its kind

    Not all filters are the same - some are only suitable for cold water, while others target specific elements. The A-01 filter has been specially designed to be effective in hot showers, capable of removing 95% of chlorine, heavy metals, and other chemicals.

  • Proprietary blend

    We have developed a unique combination of organic compounds that have been carefully selected to improve the efficiency of our filters. This specially formulated blend works together to create a customized redox reaction, optimizing the filtration process. As a result, contaminants are effectively neutralized and the quality of your shower water is enhanced.

04  How it works


Through a process called redox (reduction-oxidation), our potent particles collaborate to reduce contaminants. The A-01 ions present in the filter interact with water, effectively neutralizing chlorine and heavy metals. This results in a shower experience that is cleaner and promotes better health.

Heavy Metals

05  Replace

Every 3 months

To fully enjoy the advantages of clean and filtered water, it is crucial to maintain optimal filter performance. As filters accumulate contaminants over time, their effectiveness decreases. That is why we advise replacing your filter every three months, ensuring continual high-quality filtration.

Meet the A–01
Filtered Shower

Filter out harmful substances in your water like:

Heavy Metals

Get cleaned up like
never before.